Thursday, January 10, 2013

end of the football season - the colts game

in early november, isaiah had the opportunity of a lifetime.  his mighty mite football team went to a colts football game, and after they watched the game, they were allowed to go down on the field and play a scrimmage game in full pads.  sometimes i am amazed at my son and all the things he has gotten to do in his short 7 years of life.  this is his second NFL game to see live.  and will probably be his only chance to be down playing football on an NFL field.  he and daddy were the only ones who got to do this, but matt was sent with specific instructions to document it as fully as he could.  here is some of that documentation!

walking onto the field. #14 at the end.


i know it's dark..but if you can see #14 in the middle, you'll see he playing is QB...on the colts field!!


lyndon lightning mighty mites

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Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

So adorable!! Love that boy! What a cool opportunity for him.